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Terms of Service

By placing an order with makecoins.com, you are agreeing to our terms of service as listed below:

makecoins.com can create your coin artwork for you. Our design service includes taking the high quality artwork that you email us and arrange it on a coin layout to your original specifications. We require decent resolution artwork for any unit specific artwork or logos that we wouldn't normally have on file. .AI, .EPS, .PSD or a HIGH RESOLUTION .TIF, .JPG or .GIF would be preferred

If you don't have access to scan or take a digital photo of the graphic you need, and it isn't something we already have created before, we can create logos or emblems from scratch just note that this will increase the time for the creation of your coin artwork and the actual coin product itself.

Comments sent via email may be used as customer testimonial. When sending emails, you authorize us to use any or all comments made within the email.

99% of our customers never pay an art fee because they provide a FINAL VERSION of their design before we begin working on their artwork. We create the production ready artwork based on your final draft version. This can be design ready artwork, or something drawn on a piece of paper. As long as you are providing a "blue print" of what you want, we can make it. The individual images used on your design can be mailed as separate attachments. They do not need to be laid out on the coin design itself. We will do the production ready artwork for you.

Any major design changes, after we complete the design to your initial specifications, will result in additional design fees of $50.00 an hour.

This is due to the time involved with recreating your design. Once a design is placed online, it has to be recreated from scratch to make any changes. These changes can take anywhere from 2-6 hours to complete for most coins.

Your design will NOT go into production until you proof the coin for layout and spelling errors and give your final approval in writing to the Operations Manager.

Once you approve the artwork and verify all details, spelling and layout are correct, the credit card on file will be charged the balance due and we will send your artwork to the factory to begin the production process.

All charge-backs will incur a $35 fee that is non-refundable.

If you wish to pay by another method, please let us know prior to approving the artwork. If a change is needed on the artwork or coin due to an error on our part, we will correct the error at no charge to you.

We have a satisfaction guarantee policy. We guarantee the quality, workmanship and service of our coins. If you are not happy, we will make it right within the limitations of what can actually be reproduced on a coin. Each coin is custom made and hand painted. Some coins may have small flaws by their hand crafted nature. By placing the order you agree to a +/-.03% - .04% error rate, over run, under run.

If there is an error on the coin which was caused by us, we will remake the die at no cost to you. The customer is responsible for proofing the artwork prior to going to the factory. Once the artwork is approved, the customer assumes all responsibility for the layout and text on the coin as approved. If changes are made after the die is created, the customer is responsible for the cost of the new die and art fees to make the changes.

If you decide to skip the sample coin, or process your order as a RUSH, you agree to accept the full order as is when received. The die makers will design your coins to the best of their ability based on the artwork provided. The purpose of the sample coin is to approve the color on a single coin before the full order is made. We use PANTONE color matching to assure proper colors are painted on the coin. A full list of the different PANTONE colors can be found here. Please verify the colors listed on your artwork, with the pantone chart, to ensure there are no errors on color if you are skipping the sample or doing a rush order. Once the coins are created they can't be changed unless you pay to have them recreated.

When you place an order we have sample coins made to show potential customers our craftmanship. This is a limited number of coins, not to exceed 3. If you do not want your coin used as a sample please notify us when the order is placed. We do not sell our customers coins.
In the event makecoins.com has to seek legal action or the use of a collection agency to collect an outstanding debt, you agree to cover any and all additional costs associated with collection of said debt. This would include attorney fees, collection fees and court costs associated with the enforcement of collecting payment.

If you are using copyright material on your coin design, you assume full responsibility for its use. You are responsible for obtaining permission from the legal copyright holder and agree to hold makecoins.com, it's factories and employees harmless in any legal action taken against you for copyright violations. According to copyright law, any work of art, image, photograph or expression is copyright from the time it is created. It does NOT have to have a copyright symbol or notice to be copyright! This means if you download an image off the internet to use on your coin, you are probably violating some ones copyright and should obtain permission to use the image before doing so!

makecoins.com limit of liability:

We will produce a quality product at a fair price. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE ANY DATES. We will not be liable for loss of profit, cost, income or any other monetary damages caused by missed deadlines.


Order Cancellation

If a coin design/artwork is created for customer approval and a decision is made to cancel the order, you will be charged any art fees incurred and a $150.00 cancellation fee. Your die fee will not be refunded.


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