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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Place an Order?

We know that sometimes it is difficult to figure out exactly what needs to happen in order to get your coin order started. There are many factors involved in creating and ordering a custom coin. To make the entire ordering process as convenient and pleasant for you as possible, let us give you an outline of the steps involved. 

1. Decide on a design.

This is the single most vital factor in determining how your coin will look.

If you have a set design already, please e-mail your design to us so we can provide you with professional feedback on how your artwork will look on a coin. We also will give suggestions on what could be added or changed to make your custom coin look the best.

If you do not have a design, we will be glad to support with the artwork. Just send us a sketch of your design idea, with a description in an e-mail what you would like to see on the coin, and attach all design elements (patches, photos, etc) to your message. Our experienced graphic team will be able to create the artwork for you usually, at no cost if an order will be placed.  We will create up to 3 graphic adjustments at no charge.  For multiple coin designs, please make submissions separately for each design.  This helps to avoid confusion, as each coin will be assigned its own reference number/name.

We accept artwork or supporting images in most image file formats.

Please note: if you are using any copyrighted symbol or design please make absolutely sure you have the permission to use it before you send it to us. We assume that our customers are authorized to use copyrighted symbols or designs they send to us and assume no responsibility for acquiring those rights.

2. Decide on coin specifics.

Simultaneous to providing the design information, please advise the following coin specifics. This will not only help us to determine the best way of minting your coin, but will also allow us to work on the best possible pricing for you.

a. How many coins you are planning to order.

b. What coin size you wish to get. Standard sizes are 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″ , 2.25?, 2.5?, and 3″. Larger sizes are available as well. 

c. Which coin finish you prefer, and do you wish to add options like epoxy, diamond cut, numbering, etc. Our website will provide you with helpful information on the available options.

3. Confirm the order.

Once you place an order you will need to confirm it by placing at least a 50% deposit on the order or providing a credit card in place of a down-payment. Once this is done we will begin artwork and have you a final design, usually within 4 business days. For Military Customers or Government Entities, we will waive the deposit requirement.  Please be as specific as possible when confirming an order – we ask for a very clear approval order so we aren’t making the order based on presumption.

4. Approve the design.

You will receive our design layout within a couple of days (usually 4 business days) after we discussed your design request. This layout will show all the details of your coin. Please make sure all design components, coloring, and spelling, are exactly the way you want it, and let us know if you wish to see any changes, or send us your approval so we can go ahead and start manufacturing.  Remember, the coins are minted from the graphic you approve, and not necessarily your initial design.  Please verify that the graphic we provide is acceptable before ordering.  Note – once production has begun on a confirmed order, there will be additional charges for new materials required if a change is requested.

5. Wait for your coins.

Once the order is placed it will take around four weeks for your coins to arrive. We know this is a hard time for you, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  If working with a deadline, please note, we will do our best to meet the time frame, but cannot guarantee a delivery by a set date, due to the potential for unforeseen eventualities..i.e. shipping delays, plating imperfections, adverse weather conditions, etc.  These are not common occurrences, but are possibilities to be considered when placing a time-sensitive order.

6. Enjoy your coins.

Your coins will arrive carefully packaged, and once you break through the bubble tape we feel confident that you will be amazed at the high quality of our work. Please share our contact information with friends other units or activities so we can help them in getting the best possible product at the best possible cost, without headaches.

7. Reorder your coins.

Your coins will be gone before you know it, so you will have to reorder. Just send us an e-mail with information on how many coins you wish to reorder, the billing contact, and where you want us to ship them to. Also, please make reference to the reorder number that is annotated on both, artwork and invoice we sent to you for the initial order. This will help us to expedite production and will save you time. Manufacturing of reorders goes faster than the initial order, so the wait is not as long!

If you would like to place an order please click here and e-mail us your information and design. Someone from our customer service department will contact your shortly.

To receive your FREE estimate please complete the online quote form.
Questions? Files or graphics you wish to send? Please e-mail us: makecoins@huberusa.com

Things to know about coin design & production

For your convenience, we have tried to put together some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers. If your question isn’t answered here you can always e-mail us makecoins@huberusa.com

1. Do you have any stock coins or dies? 
Since every coin we create is from a custom design, we do not have stocked coins or dies available. 

2. Can I have a sample made first? 
Yes you can, but we require payment of the die fee, and a sample charge before we can proceed. Any change to the die after the sample production would entail another die fee since we would have to manufacture a whole new die. We encourage customers to be as sure of the design as possible before minting a sample.

3.Is there a minimum quantity i have to buy? 
Minimum order should be 50 pcs – depending on the order, we can waive from the minimum requirement. Just let us know your needs and we will give you an answer based on your specific request. 

4. How long would it take to make my coins? 
Generally, orders take between four and six weeks depending on the size and complexity of the order. 

5. Where are you located? 
We are located in Argyle, Texas. However, our office is not open to the public. . 

6. What is Hard Enamel? Is it just epoxy? 
Hard enamel (also called ‘imitation hard enamel’) is an enamel and epoxy mix that makes for a uniquely looking, beautiful coin!  Unlike epoxy, there is no “bubble” – hard enamel leaves a flat finish that gives the coin a rich and distinguished appearance. We highly recommend this option for all presentation coins. 

7. My coin supplier has let me down, can you help me? 
With pleasure. There seems to be an influx of new companies offering coins for incredibly low prices without being capable of providing a quality product.  Most of these companies are trying to establish themselves and they do this by offering inferior coins that nine times out of ten leave customers disappointed.  makecoins has been around for over 15 years and looks back at a solid track record, and we have done pretty much the opposite of these companies: we have searched the world over for the highest quality metals and craftsmanship. 

8. Are your coins made in America? If not, why not? 

Unfortunately, most of our coins are not made in America. We have made coins in the US and we do have the ability to make them here, but price is a huge factor. American made coins usually carry a die fee ranging from $300 – $1000 dollars – per side!  In addition to the die fees the coins are probably twice as much and the cost per color ranges from $0.25 to $0.50 per color/per side. Most budgets just don’t allow for this. If you do have a budget that will allow for this type of coin please feel free to let us know you want your coins made in the USA! We would be more than happy to make them right here! 

A sad trend has started where some companies are claiming their coins are made here in the United States, but are actually imported. If you are not paying close to what is outlined above then your coins are in all likelihood not being made in the US.

9. Why should I use makecoins? 
Whether you buy coin once a year or every day, we want your inquiries and orders, and promise you the same reliable service. We love making beautiful coins and it shows in our work and customer service.Also, the close relationship to our parent company, Huber & Associates, allows us to offer you custom-printed t-shirts of highest quality standards – many of our customers love the idea of having a t-shirt that is depicting either their coin, or elements of the coin design. 

10. Can I call you to set up an order?
Due to the nature of custom-made products, we do not encourage to communicate about designs & orders over the phone. E-mail is not only the cheapest and fastest way to discuss details, but it also leaves both you and us, with a proper ‘trail’ of corresponding information.  There is just too much risk that details are lost or misunderstood over the phone.  We try to reserve our phone lines for emergencies and payment arrangement.  

11. Who will I be dealing with? 
You will most likely be dealing directly with Dru Lupkey. He is in charge of the sales department and likes to deal with the customers directly! 

12. Ok, so you claim fast service now but how about when things are really busy?
We have developed a system that allows us to maintain our speedy service even during what we consider to be the peak times of the year.    

13. Do I have to buy thousands of coins? 
No. We once had an order for one coin that was to be used in a movie. From an economical standpoint: quantities of 100 pcs and more will give you the best cost – the more we can manufacture of one design, the more efficient and cheaper manufacturing gets. This is a savings we pass over to you.. 

14. Can makecoins supply large quantities? 
Yes. We can handle any size order. However, orders over 20,000 may take longer than the average four to six weeks.   

15. Can I rush an order? 
Yes, in many cases, but please verify with us, first.  If we’re able to, rush orders can be placed for an additional $0.25 per coin. Rush order times vary on the complexity and size of the order, as well as the time of the year. Still, if your deadline is looming we do our very best to accommodate. There may also be extra shipping charges for Express shipments.   

16. Can makecoins make big oversized custom challenge coins and medals? 
Yes. We have made up to 4″ coins before and we can go bigger if needed.    

17. How do I know I will like my coins when they are done? 
The process we go through in the design phase of your coin ensures that we make the coin exactly how you had imagined it. We use the best metals available, NO POT METAL, so you get the best coin available.

18. Can you get very small detail on my custom coins? 
Yes, in most cases. Keep in mind that coin sizes play a large role in this.  A 1″ coin won’t allow for quite the degree of detail that a 2.5″ coin will, of course.  If details turn out to be too small to show using the regular process, we have silk screening available. This process allows for exact & finest detail. 

19. Can makecoins help me to choose the best design options for my coin? 
Yes, we will be more than glad to help. We have made hundreds of thousands of coins and can help give you a good idea on what will and will not look good on a coin. We always like to give our “two cents” just to ensure you will get the best coin possible.

20. “I already placed my order, but have to postpone it..can I do that?

No problem – we know that emergencies/sudden changes can happen.  Simply let us know within 48 hrs, so we can halt production.  We’ll confirm with you to put your mind at rest.

Do you offer Rush Service?

If you have an order that you need to rush, we can complete production of your coins and get them in the mail (normally) within 30 days of your artwork approval. We do this by moving your order to the front of the job queue for production. During high production periods this may be slightly longer. March thru October is the busiest time of the year for most coin companies so plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to complete the job before you run out of time.



What if I cancel my order?

If a coin design/artwork is created for customer approval and a decision is made to cancel the order, you will be charged any art fees incurred and will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee.


If we were unable to answer your questions here, please feel free to contact us at orders@makecoins.com.

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